The Best Sports to Follow for Spring Sports Betting

Men Playing Basketball in Spring Tournament

Spring is an exciting time for sports as some seasons end with whirlwind playoffs and tournaments, while new seasons start up and year-long sports have some of their best events. If you’re into basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, car racing, tennis, golf, or UFC fighting, this season has so much in store for you. See what’s up on the roster with this spring sports list that will have you ready to place your bets.


Spring Sports List



Though the NBA regular season begins in mid-October, it lasts approximately 6 months with NBA playoffs typically starting in April and ending  in June. These playoffs make basketball one of the most exciting spring sports to bet on. In addition to professional basketball, the NCAA college basketball season normally ends early April after their March basketball tournament – which is easily one of the most exciting times to place bets during the year.



Starting around the same time as basketball season, NHL season generally runs from October through April. As the season comes to an end this spring, it’ll be an exciting time to see who finishes out the season strong in preparation for the Stanley Cup. What makes hockey even better is that you can catch live games right in Vegas at a Golden Knights game, or you can watch games at Stadium Swim® or the Circa Sportsbook where you can place your bets.


Men Playing Soccer in Spring Season Game



Soccer has been a favorite sport across the world, and continues to grow in popularity in the States. If you’re into soccer, the MLS regular season typically starts in February or March depending on the year, and runs through October. With the start of a new season in the spring, it’ll be an exciting time to see how each team is starting the year. You’ll also have plenty of time to adjust your soccer betting strategy throughout the season.



Depending on the year, the Major League Baseball (MLB) season begins in either late March or early April and runs until the playoffs in late October. Prior to the season beginning, Spring Training starts up in late February for preseason before Opening Day. Baseball is a great sport to enjoy right at the field, and it can be even better when you bring along the Circa Sports app to have baseball betting right at your fingertips.



The NASCAR schedule doesn’t have a defined season like other sports. Instead, there are 36 races that start in February with the Daytona 500. There is a race every week in spring, making it a great sport to tune into this season. One of the best events in the NASCAR schedule this spring takes place in Las Vegas with the Pennzoil 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in March.



With tournaments happening all year, the ATP schedule gives us tennis matches every month. Spring brings about some exciting tennis tournaments, such as the BNP Paribas Open, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, and Italian Open. Though many of these events are international, you can either catch them on a screen while betting at the sportsbook – or if you’re lucky, you can bet with your app in person!


Person Playing Golf in Spring Golf Tournament



Another year-round sport that is perfect to enjoy in spring is the PGA Tour season is a year-round sporting schedule. Though tournaments take place every nearly month throughout the year, the official PGA Tour season typically starts in September and ends around the same time the next year. One of the most exciting PGA tournaments for golf betting takes place in spring – the Masters Tournament in Augusta.



Like NASCAR, tennis, and golf, the UFC schedule doesn’t necessarily have a season, as fights and events take place throughout the year. Events happen weekly, but you’ll have to keep your eye out for who is paired up for future-scheduled fights as they are typically TBD until about a month before the match. Vegas is one of the best places to catch a UFC match in person, making it great for spring watching and betting.


How to Bet on Sports in Vegas


With quite a few sports seasons in full swing this spring, it’s time to place your bets. No matter which sports you follow, Circa Sports is the ultimate sportsbook in Las Vegas for sports betting. Stop by Circa Resort, the D, or one of the other Circa Sports locations in Las Vegas to place your bets in person. Can’t make it into the sportsbook? Download the Circa Sports app on iOS or Android to have your bookie right in your pocket.

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