Sports Betting Tips: How to Bet on Golf for PGA Gamblers

Man Walking with Golf Clubs


As the summer approaches its end, the PGA golf season starts back up. One of the few sports to continue relatively uninterrupted, golf has offered fans nonstop action from some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Soon, you’ll be able to cheer them on in person as they walk for 18 holes.

Rooting for the ball to drop into the hole is one thing, but there’s a way to get even more involved in the game. Whether you like to sit back and take in the scenery or root for an individual golfer, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a crack at golf betting — PGA golf betting, in particular.

Don’t know how to bet on golf? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of options, from placing your money on a player to betting on individual holes. But before you go placing a large bet, it’s best to know the basics. We’ve rounded up some of the best golf betting tips so you can ace the competition. Whether you’re in Vegas or doing it online, here are the best golf betting tips around.


The Golf Betting Basics


Most golf bets start with betting on an individual player to win the tournament outright. That means all you have to do is select the right player to win and you’ll cash out. It works like this: Let’s say that Tiger Woods is the favorite to win the U.S. Open, and his odds are +1,000. If you put down $50 bucks, you’d win $500, plus you’d get your $50 back for a total of $550. 

Like with all betting, the longer the odds — meaning a higher number next to their name — the more money you can make. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to limit yourself to just picking the winner when you do PGA golf betting.


Man Putting on Golf Course


Different Types of Golf Bets


Place Bets

While this wager doesn’t have as a high of an upside, it does offer a pretty good safety net. This allows you to bet that a player will finish in the top five or top 10. As long as the golfer finishes in that range, you’ll get a payout. If you like a golfer but want to hedge a little bit, you can do what’s called each-way golf betting, where you win if the golfer wins or finishes in the top five.

The top-five version’s payout is lower, but you have a higher chance of winning. For example, if you bet $10 on Rory McIlroy to win, an each-way bet becomes $20, and you pick up a quarter of the odds that he’ll place in the top five.



This is equivalent to betting on a team sport. What you’re doing is picking one player to finish higher than the other. The player you pick doesn’t have to win the whole tournament — they just have to beat the player they’re matched up against.


First Round Leader Betting

This is simple. Odds will be placed on which golfer will be in the lead after the first round. You bet on the person that you think will be in the lead after the first round. Often, there will be similar odds for rounds two and three, as well as the final leaders.


Prop Bets

We wouldn’t be giving you the best golf betting tips if we didn’t talk about prop bets. Available in all sports, it’s no different for PGA betting. These are fun bets that make games even more enjoyable.

In golf, you can bet on if a golfer will hit a hole-in-one, or you can vote on whether the age of the winner will be over or under the given number. You can also vote on if the final round will end in a playoff.


How to Bet on Golf in Vegas


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