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About Circa

Time. There’s simply nothing more valuable. This is the truth that drives us to make the most of every moment. Rooted in the neon glow of the past, we celebrate living large in the now, and keep our eyes wide open to the future. Drawing on the best that has come before us, we are building a new legacy: one that turns the good times up to eleven and burns bright with the original spirit of Vegas. In a city where time disappears, we are the masters of these fleeting moments, creating experiences that electrify the soul and memories that will last forever. We go big. We go all night. And here, everyone is on the guest list. So get loose and get loud. This is Circa. The time of your life.

Circa in the News

The History of Las Vegas Circa 1980

Las Vegas, a city barely 50 years old by the mid-1950s, lived in the national consciousness as a place of possibilities. After all, anyone, at any time, could go to […]

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The History of Las Vegas Circa 1940

Circa Resort honors the golden ages of Las Vegas circa 1940, 1980, and 2020. Learn more about Las Vegas in the 1940s and how it formed the city we all love.

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Live Like There's

No Tomorrow

Our approach combines the best of yesterday, the energy of today, and all the possibilities of tomorrow to create an experience that is truly transcendent. Inspired by tradition but not tied to it, we’re leading the charge to a new golden age of Las Vegas.