How to Experience the Kentucky Derby in Las Vegas

Person Wearing Derby Hat for Kentucky Derby

Fancy hats, fast horses, and mint juleps all make for one of the classiest and exciting affairs! The Kentucky Derby is almost here, and it’s the perfect way to kick off spring in Las Vegas. The Derby is perfect for horse race bettors and mint julep lovers alike, making it a fun event for everyone. While Nevada is a long way from Kentucky, get your fancy hat and see how to celebrate the Derby right in Las Vegas with parties, horse betting, and more.


Dress Up for Derby Day


One of the best parts about the Kentucky Derby is that it’s a bit more than just a horse race. It’s an entire celebration of sportsmanship and fashion! Use this day as an excuse to dress to the nines. The spring weather in Vegas is the perfect time to wear a vibrant sundress or your best linen ensemble, just as if you were at Churchill Downs yourself. If you’re really up to the task of dressing up for the festivities, put on your Derby hat or fascinator for that extra fashion accessory.

Dress up with your crew to put together your own Derby Day event! The race is only approximately two minutes long, but with the race starting around 3:45 pm in Vegas, the festivities will be going all day before the horses begin. You can either do some Las Vegas bar hopping to show off your outfits all around town, or you can choose one spot to settle in to make sure you have the best seats in the house for the big race.

If you’re attending the Legacy Club Derby Day event, be sure to wear your best hat, as there will be a Derby Hat contest to see who dons the most unique and elaborate hats. Embrace the full Southern charm while enjoying beautiful views, front-row seats, full audio, and delicious mint juleps at the spritz and mint julep open bar.


Jockeys and Horses Racing in Derby


Place Some Horse Racing Bets


There’s no better place for sports betting than in Vegas! And, of course, one of the most exciting betting events is the Kentucky Derby. Last-minute gambling may work in the casinos, but it’s not the best idea for placing bets on horse races. You can get lucky without knowing what you’re doing, but that’s all it is – just luck. If you plan on betting on the race, take time to do your research before and have substantial backing behind your bets if you want to have better chances of winning during the Kentucky Derby. Dubbed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, you won’t have much time during the actual race to update your bets, so preparing in advance is key!

Listening to experts in horse race betting can help you prepare in the days leading up to the event. Pay attention to their insights, but also form some of your own decisions! Decide on your level of risk, and mix in some exotic bets with safe bets so you can have some variety and excitement in your betting strategy. To add even more excitement, place your bets with other horse racing enthusiasts at places like the Circa Sports Sportsbook and Stadium Swim® or on the Circa Sports sports betting app on iOS and Android for betting wherever you are in Vegas.

At Circa Sports, the largest sportsbook in the world, you can watch the Kentucky Derby on the 3-story screen with a 78-million-pixel screen, top-of-the-line sound, live stats, and in-depth analysis from experts broadcasting from VSiN, you’ll have everything you need to watch the race. If you want to watch the race while lounging by the pool, Derby Day at Stadium Swim will be the best place to enjoy some spring weather while cheering on your horse and placing some bets at the poolside Circa Sports kiosks.


Mint Julep for Las Vegas Derby Day at Legacy Club


Grab a Mint Julep

Finally, you can’t have a true Derby Day celebration without the iconic mint julep! A refreshing cocktail of bourbon, sugar, water, crushed ice, and fresh mint all served in a chilled cup is one of the best accompaniments for a spring day watching the race. The drink has been associated with the Kentucky Derby since 1938, and Churchill Downs sells hundreds of thousands of juleps every year during the Derby Days. The Derby even offers $1000 juleps served in gold-plated cups and made with imported ingredients – and in 2008 they crafted the largest julep in the world with a capacity of 206 gallons.

While you won’t find those exclusive juleps in Vegas for the Kentucky Derby, you’ll still find some carefully-crafted mint juleps at bars around town! Not every bar will have the signature silver cup, but you might still find a copper cup for the same aesthetic. At Overhang Bar, order a mint julep while watching the race at the Circa Sports sportsbook, or order a drink at the pool bar at Stadium Swim if watching poolside. If attending the Derby Day event at Legacy Club, don’t miss the Legacy Club copper cups!


If you’re watching the Kentucky Derby in Las Vegas, you won’t be disappointed by all the options you have to enjoy Derby Day. From an excuse to dress up to placing your bets on your favorite horse, plan for an amazing day feeling like you’re at Churchill Downs all the way in the Nevada desert!