Sports Betting Tips: How to Bet on Horse Racing

Jockeys Racing in Horse Race for Sports Betting


Horses are majestic creatures, and their beauty is a huge part of what makes watching them race around a track so exciting. Their speed and power are satisfying sights whether you’re cheering for your favorite horse from the stands or on your couch.

But what if you could get your heart racing a little more? Have you ever considered horse racing betting to up the excitement?

Learning how to bet on horse racing can take you from the sidelines and put you in the saddle. With numerous types of horse bets to choose from, you can take charge and make your favorite sport that much more fun to watch. Continue reading to learn about the most popular horse betting terms and more.


The Horse Racing Betting Basics


First things first — you need to understand horse racing odds. These are listed as fractions that show you how much you need to spend to make a profit.

For example, if Horse 1 has 20/1 odds, you’ll win $21 if you bet $1 (a $20 profit plus the recoup of your bet). On the other hand, if Horse 2 has 6/5 odds, you’ll only get $6 in profit if you bet $5, as they have a better chance of winning.

You’ll also need a few key pieces of information when placing a bet, especially since there can be a lot of races going on at once. Always have the racetrack, race number, and horse’s number written down, as well as how much you want to bet and what type of bet it is.


Different Types of Horse Bets


Basic Bets

There are a few different types of horse bets, but the main three are win, place, and show:

  • In a win bet, you pick the winning horse. Because it’s harder to get right, this will net you the most profit.
  • In a place bet, the horse needs to finish in either first or second (it doesn’t matter which). The earning potential here is still good, but not as high as a winning bet.
  • Finally, a show bet is when the horse finishes in first, second, or third (again, placement doesn’t matter). This will net you the least money, but it’s a more secure option.

Can’t decide which bet you want to take? You can also go across the board, which is when you place three equal win, place, and show bets. If your horse wins first, you’ll win all the bets. If they get second, you’ll win the show and place bets. And if they get third, you’ll win the show bet.


Advanced Bets

There are also more combination horse bets you can place. One is an exact bet, which requires you to pick the first and second place horses in the correct order.

To make things harder, try the trifecta bet, which is when you pick the exact order of the top three horses. If you’re feeling super confident, go for the superfecta, which is the top four horses in the exact order of finish.

The payout for all of these bets is based on a pari-mutuel system, where all the money for a certain type of bet is collected into a pool and then split among the winners.


Multi-Race Bets

If you’re really feeling lucky, you can turn it up a notch with multi-race bets. These require you to pick the winner in numerous consecutive races, typically ranging from two to six in a row. That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one pick for each race; feel free to choose multiple horses to be the winner (this will just increase the cost of your bet).

Keep in mind that if even one horse loses, you’ll lose your bet. These are very hard bets to win, but that’s what makes them so much fun.


How to Bet on Horse Racing in Vegas


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