13 of the World’s Largest Things in Las Vegas

World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign Vegas Vic in VegasSource: beaumontpete

The largest sportsbook, video screen, slot machine, Keno board, mechanical neon sign… and that’s not all! Las Vegas is home to some of the largest things in the world, and you should definitely check them out. Read on to learn about some of the world’s largest things that you can find right here in Vegas, and be sure to put them on your Las Vegas bucket list for some pretty interesting bragging rights.


World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign


The world-record-breaking Vegas Vic is located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street. He’s been Downtown since 1951 and stands 40 feet tall. He was built with advanced mechanics for his time with an arm that waves, a moving cigarette, and sound. His partner in crime, Vegas Vickie, had been located adjacent to Vegas Vic since 1980. Now, she has a shiny new home inside of Circa Las Vegas – you can even grab a drink with her at Vegas Vickie’s.


World’s Largest Slot Machine


This world-record-holding slot machine is host to a zipline, and is located downtown on Fremont street. The SlotZilla zipline runs directly beneath the lighted canopy of Fremont Street and is an incredible 12-stories tall. The zipline is the busiest, most successful inner-city zip line in the world! It starts from the top of the world-record-breaking, 128-foot-high slot machine, and has two separate zip lines to choose from: the zipline and the zoomline.


World’s Largest Keno Board


At the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, you can find the World’s Largest Keno Board. The board shows live keno games while they unfold in the casino’s keno lounge. If you like betting large (literally), you can see your numbers as they’re drawn with this live feed of a classic Vegas casino game, adding an additional level of fun to this popular game. Once you’re done, you can continue the large fun at the D at LONGBAR, the second-longest bar in Vegas.


World’s Largest Digital Display


Downtown Las Vegas is where you will find the world’s largest video screen. The display serves as a canopy over Fremont Street. The screen features 16.4 million brilliant pixels, is 1,375 feet long, 90 feet wide, and is suspended 90 feet above Fremont Street. The arched canopy video screen lights up with a show called the Viva Vision Light Show every hour between 6pm-2am and runs for 6-minutes with concert-quality music to go along with the lights.


World’s Largest Sportsbook at Circa | Sports Las Vegas


World’s Largest Sportsbook


At Circa Las Vegas, we have the biggest sportsbook in the world. Three floors of sports betting that you can’t get anywhere else, which includes a 78M pixel screen to watch every major game, a 1000-person viewing capacity, and our on-site studio for sports statistics broadcasting. On top of that, you can extend your Circa | Sports betting experience at Stadium Swim where you can watch the game, swim, and place sports bets all in the same place.


World’s Largest Observation Wheel


Las Vegas is home to the world’s tallest observation wheel. The High Roller at The LINQ comes in at 550 feet tall. It’s over 100 feet taller than the London Eye, which is 443 feet tall. Each ride takes approximately 30 minutes and does one full rotation. You can even upgrade your ticket purchase to include a bartender to mix up your favorite cocktails inside your pod. Each pod is equipped with audio commentary and is air-conditioned.


World’s Largest Gift Shop


If you want to get some true Las Vegas shopping done, the world’s largest gift shop is the place to go for any Vegas trinket your heart desires. The Bonanza gift shop has been around since 1980 and is quite a sight to see. It is a massive-sized gift shop, with just about every novelty item you can imagine. The Bonanza gift shop boasts 40,000 square feet of Las Vegas-related merchandise.


World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain


Tucked inside Jean Philippe Patisserie is the biggest chocolate fountain in the world, a massive glass structure where pools of white, medium, and dark chocolate drip down. Six pumps work to circulate nearly two tons of chocolate in a temperature-controlled enclosure into 25 hand-crafted artistic glass vessels. The chocolate rises 27 vertical feet from the lower level pump room and 6 ceiling spouts disburse chocolate 14 feet above floor level.


World’s Largest Gold Nugget


The world’s largest gold nugget can be found at, you guessed it, the Golden Nugget Hotel. The 62-pound gold piece is called the Hand of Faith. Though there have been larger gold nuggets found in history, they have all been melted down. The Hand of Faith is the largest gold nugget in the world that is still intact. A man with a metal detector found it in Australia in 1980 just inches below the ground, and it was purchased by the Golden Nugget for over $1,000,000!


The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Las VegasSource: The Cosmopolitan


World’s Largest Chandelier


Designed to be the main attraction at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, the chandelier is both beautiful and record-breaking. It consists of more than 2 million crystal beads. Each bead is handmade and octagon-shaped to resist showing signs of wear in the long term, which has held up for over a decade. The chandelier is 65 feet tall and surrounds a 10,000 square foot area. Inside The Chandelier, there are three bars and a partially see-through staircase.


World’s Largest Working Fire Hydrant


Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest functioning fire hydrant. Why do we have this enormous working fire hydrant, you might ask? It was originally built in 2013 to generate publicity for the Hydrant Club private dog park and doggy daycare. It stands at 15 feet tall and is painted in bright yellow. If you pull the lever to turn it on, it is designed to spray you with water as any other functioning fire hydrant would.


World’s Largest Pint Glass


The pint glass at Hennessey’s Tavern is said to be the biggest pint glass in the world. At 85 feet tall, it won’t hold your favorite beverage, but it still makes a great photo op. Once a pint of Bass brand pale ale, the pint glass is now the world’s biggest Not Your Father’s Root Beer pint. Probably for the best that the pint isn’t filled for consumption, but there are plenty of Las Vegas breweries around to help you get your pint fix.


World’s Largest Bottle of Coke


The Coca-Cola store is hard to miss with the record-breaking 100-foot-tall Coca-Cola bottle marking its entryway. The giant bottle originally supported a more elaborate brand project – a Coke museum called “World of Coca Cola West,” mirroring many of the soft drink historical exhibits popular in Atlanta. It opened in 1997 and closed by 2000, replaced by a full-time Coca-Cola Store that still remains in Vegas today.


Who knew so many of the world’s largest things were in Vegas? If you are visiting, be sure to put some of these items on your Vegas bucket list. With so many items in Downtown Las Vegas, book your room at Circa Las Vegas Resort to be near it all!