What’s New in Vegas? Looking Forward to Las Vegas 2022

Shot of Las Vegas from Above at Night

Things couldn’t be more exciting for Las Vegas in 2022. Just when you think there couldn’t be any more awesome places to come and explore, the creative forces in town have some major exciting developments in the works. The Entertainment Capital of the World is constantly evolving to meet the tastes of visitors who come from around the globe to engage in new experiences. If you’re ready to see what 2022 events are cooking in Nevada’s brightest spot, read on. There are a few more items to add to your bucket list, whether it’s your first or hundredth time visiting this glittering city in the desert!


The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop


While you might think most of the exciting stuff happening in Las Vegas can be seen by looking up, something is happening underground, making getting to all the fun that much easier. Enter Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur, and his tunnel-digging project, The Boring Company. The Tesla and SpaceX mogul is helping create a better system for getting around the city. Underground “People Movers” are shortening half-hour walks into 3-minute rides without the traffic found on the streets. An initial stretch debuted in 2021, and it looks like extended branches will be opening up in 2022. These crewless vehicles will feel more like an amusement park ride than a taxi, erasing the frustration of long strolls and clogged car lanes for a more pleasant experience navigating around town. Now getting to your favorite casino, restaurant, or venue will be part of the fun!


Wynn Las Vegas Renovations


What’s new in Vegas? As one of the quintessential brands residing on The Strip, the Las Vegas stalwart Wynn Resorts is looking forward to completing a long-delayed renovation project. Soon to debut, it will include a whole slew of upgrades and updates, which will only enhance this already exciting property. While we won’t know the exact details until the work is fully completed, we do know what area the resort will be concentrating on: the guest rooms. Executives had clarified that these wouldn’t be cosmetic makeovers but rather fully redesigned spaces engineered to cater to a more modern set of needs. Wynn Resorts is expecting to unveil the results in early 2022, soon to be followed by booking opportunities.


Rendering of MSG Sphere in Las VegasSource: Las Vegas Review-Journal / Rachel Aston


MSG Sphere at the Venetian


We’ve all heard of “theater in the round,” but this project really takes the idea to a new level. The venerable Venetian Hotel near The Strip has been working on this venue since 2018. The vision is for a massive arena that will look like a giant globe from the outside. And it’s spearheaded by one of the world’s premier venue brands, Madison Square Garden – hence the “MSG” in the name. Inside, the unique acoustics will provide an incredible sound experience for the 17,500-concertgoer capacity within. Outside, its colorful glow will light up the night sky. With construction already well underway, gawkers can already see the nearby amenities being built, including shopping and restaurants. While we aren’t likely to be let indoors in 2022, keep an eye out for sneak previews and more solid announcements as the year progresses.


Return of The Palms


One of the best-recognized establishments on The Strip, The Palms is one of the last big hotels yet to reopen in this era of temporary closures. Well, the wait seems to be over! It looks like the doors should open up again in 2022. Work has been ongoing, with some updates to the property. It will be most felt due to the massive overhaul of the casino spaces that occurred before the shutdown era. Since many visitors never had the chance to check that all out, it will probably be a novel experience for most. Smaller upgrades to rooms are also coming down the pike, meaning there should be a more comfortable and modernized accommodation experience as well. This one is destined to be an “everything that’s old is new again” situation in the best possible way. Think of it as welcoming an old friend home, and be sure to check out how the makeover shook out.


Rendering of Atari Hotel in Las VegasSource: Travel + Leisure


Atari Hotels


What’s in a game? When it comes to a brand as iconic as Atari, the answer can be a whole lot! The famous video game enterprise is finding a new expression in a hotel that promises to be designed around an immersive experience tied to the gaming associated with the makers of such classics as Missile Command and Centipede. The idea here is that the whole stay will be “the ultimate confluence of interactive, virtual, augmented, and immersive experiences, matched with an otherworldly hospitality environment.” What exactly does that mean? Who can say — but it sounds exciting! As of right now, the facility is slated to open up sometime in 2022, so keep an eye open. If this lives up to the hype, it may be a not-to-be-missed destination for Las Vegas 2022.


All Net Resort and Arena


It’s always exciting when Las Vegas has a new venue to stage exciting shows and events. The All Net Resort and Arena has been one of those long-time-coming projects that have finally crossed some critical hurdles in the last couple of years. Plans now are to break ground in 2022. While it isn’t likely to be completed in that year, it’s still worth keeping an eye on this highly anticipated resort and arena. The plans include a 23,000-seat arena sprawling over four levels with 75 luxury boxes and a retractable roof. Events the facility is expected to host include sports like basketball and hockey, rodeos, and of course, concerts. A vast 300,000-square-foot outdoor promenade will feature shopping and fine dining. Two hotels will flank the facility featuring amenities like a movie theater, bowling alley, and wedding chapel.


A Constantly-Growing City


Las Vegas has been a place of growth since it first started. From the first hotel in 1906 to the mega-resorts today, a lot has changed in this town of ours in the last century! The developments today prove that there are no signs of slowing down. In 2020, Circa Resort & Casino opened its doors to offer one of the biggest developments in Downtown Las Vegas in decades featuring state-of-the-art features and innovation. With these developments in Las Vegas in 2022, the town continues to awe and inspire as new innovations continue to roll in.


Book a room at Circa Las Vegas to experience the new wave of Vegas while celebrating the previous legacies that got us to where we are today. Looking forward to seeing you in 2022!