What is the Vegas Loop? Information, Stops, and More

Vegas Loop Efficient Transportation in Las Vegas

The Vegas Loop is a new monorail system currently underway in Las Vegas that allows visitors and locals to explore the city with ease. The city’s iconic Strip is 4 miles long, and nearly 7 miles from the south side of The Strip to Downtown Las Vegas, making it difficult to get around on foot. Luckily, the Vegas Loop offers an easy solution!

The Loop currently has five stops in Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Convention Center and Resorts World. In upcoming years, the Vegas Loop will continue to expand and add new stops for added convenience. The extended route currently under construction will help connect riders to various hotels, casinos and attractions throughout the city. With its convenient access, reliable service, and affordable tickets, the Vegas Loop will be one of the easiest ways to navigate Vegas.

The Vegas Loop Expansion is an ambitious public transportation project for the Las Vegas Valley. It has been in the works for several years and is currently slated to open in the next couple of years. Once completed, it will be one of the longest loops in the United States at nearly thirty miles long. In addition to providing a more convenient way to get around town, the Vegas Loop Expansion will also provide much-needed economic stimulus as well as help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the area. It’s an exciting time for Las Vegas as this ambitious project nears completion.


Car in Vegas Loop Tunnel for Las Vegas Transportation


Benefits of the Vegas Loop


As the system grows, it will be an incredible way to experience the best of Las Vegas without the hassle of driving or walking around town. Once complete, this modern transportation system will take riders on a loop journey that runs along the famous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont Street, allowing them to get from one destination to another quickly and easily. With the use of state-of-the-art Teslas traveling at 155 mph, passengers can hop on and off at any stop to check out different attractions, shop, or grab a bite to eat.

With its efficient system of easy pickups and drop-offs, users can save time by avoiding traffic at popular tourist destinations such as The Strip and Fremont Street. Additionally, fares are affordable with longer trips only costing approximately $10, so everyone can enjoy riding in comfort while they navigate their way around town. It is estimated that the cars will help transport approximately 4000 travelers per hour, making it an efficient transportation option. When compared with other forms of transportation like rental cars, rideshares, or taxis, the Vegas Loop has a chance to be significantly cheaper and more reliable.


Interior of Garage Mahal Vegas Loop Stop


Existing and Upcoming Vegas Loop Stops


While the Vegas Loop is in its early stages with the LVCC Loop and Phase 1 complete with Phase 2 underway, the project will pan out to be a large one with tunnels spanning approximately 30 miles and connecting 51 stops from the airport, along The Strip, and through to Downtown Las Vegas.

The existing stops for the Vegas Loop include four at the Las Vegas Convention Center and one at Resorts World. The expansion to 51 stops will link together areas of the valley that are not directly served by current public transportation, making it easier for people to get around without having to rely on cars or walking. The loop will travel through Downtown Las Vegas and Henderson, connecting major attractions like McCarran International Airport, UNLV, The Smith Center, City Hall, Allegiant Stadium, and several popular resorts – including the Garage Mahal at Circa Las Vegas.

Each of these stops provides quick access to some of the most popular places in Las Vegas. You can use the Loop to get to a concert or show on The Strip in minutes or explore Downtown’s historical sites with ease. With so many exciting sights around town being connected by this convenient transportation system, it’s easy to see why the Vegas Loop is being anticipated and celebrated as an efficient and helpful option for tourists and locals alike.


If you’re traveling to Vegas soon, the Vegas Loop will be a great way to get around town and see some of the best that Las Vegas has to offer. The expansion of the loop will only make it better, with new stops and more things to see. So if you’re looking for a fun, easy way to get around Las Vegas, be sure to check out the Vegas Loop as more stops are added. And once it’s ready, don’t forget to stop by Circa Las Vegas at the Vegas Loop stop at the Garage Mahal so you can check out the sportsbook, lounge by the pool, drink and dine, shop, gamble, or call a place home for the weekend!