Top 11 Sports Handicappers, Websites, and Podcasts

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When it comes to sports betting, there’s no shame in asking for help. In fact, there are resources all over the internet and on social media that can really help you improve the way that you approach betting on all types of sports. Experts, such as sports handicappers, take a deep dive into betting lines to find an advantage, and many of them are more than happy to share their findings. 

Below, we’ll explore some of the websites, podcasts, and social media profiles dedicated to sports handicapping, but first we’ll give you a refresher on what sports handicapping is all about.


What is Sports Handicapping?


Simply put, sports handicapping is analyzing a point spread to pick a winning bet. On the surface, it can be as simple as looking at a line (NYJ +14.5 @ NE) and deciding that betting on the Patriots is the smart choice. But in order to reach that conclusion, a seasoned handicapper will often analyze a number of factors. These include:

  • The opening line: What was the spread when the line was first announced and how has it since moved?
  • Team record and recent play: Is one team on a hot streak or in a prolonged slump?
  • Home vs. away: Is home field advantage factored into the line?
  • Unique matchups: Does one team have a distinct advantage in the offense vs. defense matchups
  • Injuries and other news: Has the line caught up to the latest injury news?
  • The public bettors: Who is the public betting on and have oddsmakers compensated by moving the line drastically in one direction?

Handicapping experts know how to do their research to factor in all of this and more before placing their bets. And with some help, you can too. But if you’re more inclined to let the experts handle the complex art of handicapping, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you below.


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Best Sports Handicappers to Follow


To get our list started of the best sports handicappers to follow, let’s begin with some of our favorite guys to pay attention to with their helpful and consistent Twitter updates. A few professional handicappers we’d recommend following on Twitter for in-depth analysis and weekly picks are:


Best Sports Handicapping Websites


Vegas Stats & Information Network

Vegas Stats & Information Network, or VSiN is a comprehensive website of articles from expert handicappers giving their best bets for given games. Articles range from deep dives into specific games, as well as tips for betting season-long bets, props, and many other betting topics. Though it’s a subscription-based website, you won’t find a better site for advice from handicapping experts who specialize in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Boxing, NASCAR, Horse Racing, and even Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).


Sportsbook Wire from USA Today

This sports handicapping site is great for those looking for the most recent analysis and picks for all major sports. It’s a free site that devotes articles to each individual NFL game every week, as well as certain games in the NBA, MLB, college sports, and more. Articles range from handicapper analysis about point spreads and moneyline bets to the best player props for each game.


Bet the Prop

Speaking of player props, one website devotes all of its coverage to finding the best prop bets across the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Bet the Prop offers free articles for site visitors as well as articles and special prop picks for paying members. Site founder and props handicapper Cort Smith also maintains a very active Twitter profile tracking each of their recommended props. Follow him @bettheprop.


Microphone Setup for Sports Handicapping Podcast


Best Sports Handicapping Podcasts


Beating the Book

Expert handicapper Gill Alexander brought innovation to the world of baseball betting by embracing advanced analytics in his handicapping. As the host of Beating the Book, Alexander covers a wide range of sports betting topics to help listeners improve how they approach sports betting. Alexander also hosts A Numbers Game from VSiN.


Behind the Bets

From ESPN, Behind the Bets is an analytical and entertaining discussion about the culture of sports betting, recent gambling news and insights, and the week’s best bets. Hosted by Doug Kezirian, Stanford Steve, and Chris “the Bear” Fallica, Behind the Bets also features guests from around the sports world.


Bet the Board

Mainly covering the NFL and college football, Bet the Board features professional bettor Payne Insider and former Las Vegas oddsmaker Todd Fuhrman as they break down the news, the lines, and best bets from each week’s slate of games. With fun banter and expert analysis from the two hosts, Bet the Board has amassed a large and loyal following and releases new podcasts twice a week.


When you start to see sports betting as less of a guessing game and more of a science, the results will follow. Take advantage of all the knowledge that experts are sharing and start betting like a handicapper today. Once you are ready to take a shot and place a bet in Las Vegas, visit Circa Sports in Las Vegas or download the Circa Sports betting app on iOS or Android to take your bookie on the go.