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How football handicapping contest winners are picking Super Bowl LIV

The winners of football handicapping contests come from all walks of life and their formulas for success often vary wildly, from rudimentary to complex. Some champions analyze offensive and defensive efficiency metrics; others simply discuss it with their spouses over dinner. Regardless, for one season, they picked more winners than the competition and have larger bankrolls to prove it.

ESPN asked the winners of three NFL handicapping contests to briefly break down Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers using the approach they implemented to win their respective contest.

Here are their stories.

Gary and Roxanne Heineman chose to watch a movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” instead of NFL Week 17 games. Gary’s lone entry into the SugarHouse/BetRivers $500,000 Pro Football Pick ’em contest was in the mix for first prize. They were nervous.

Gary, 57, is a mostly retired construction worker from the Pittsburgh area. He’s a Steelers fan and a regular sports bettor with an affinity for favorites. He overcame a slow start and surged into contention midway through the season. That’s when Roxanne became interested. “She’s into the numbers,” Gary said.