2023 NFL Season Progress: 3rd Quarter Update

Field in Professional Football Stadium

The 2023 NFL season has been a wild ride so far, full of awesome plays and thrilling moments that make fans sit on the edge of their seats. We’re right in the thick of all the action, with the third quarter wrapping up. So, let’s rewind a bit and check out what’s been good and not-so-good until now. As we gear up for the final stretch, we’ll figure out how all these ups and downs might shape the road to the NFL Championship Game in February.


2023 NFL Players of the Year


There have been a few players tearing it up thus far. In Miami, Tua Tagovailoa has been the star of the show, orchestrating a lightning-fast offense. Through five games, he’s thrown for 1,876 yards, a 71.1% completion rate, and 14 touchdowns. He’s followed by a surprising performance from Houston Texans rookie C.J. Stroud, who already looks like a seasoned veteran. Through five games, he has just one interception.

Christian McCaffrey will get plenty of MVP votes for his performance this year. The 49er running back has 553 yards rushing and seven touchdowns through five games. Getting MVP votes will also be Tyreek Hill from Miami. The speedy wide receiver is the ignition key to their explosive offense.

Khalil Mack of the Los Angeles Chargers has been everywhere on defense, including a six-sack game against Las Vegas. T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers has also been fantastic to watch.

From the rookie crop, CJ Stroud will get a lot of attention for Rookie of the Year, as well as Miami running back De’Von Achane. Puka Nacua, a wide receiver on the Rams, will also get some rookie love.


Professional Football Players During Game


Teams on the Rise


We’ll start with a bit of a 2023 NFL recap thus far and focus our attention on the top teams. Right now, the best of the NFL are as follows:

Kansas City looks as dangerous as ever, with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce leading the charge to the playoffs in the AFC. The Miami Dolphins have blown everyone away with their speed. The Baltimore Ravens, who are sporting a top-notch defense, will contend. The Jacksonville Jaguars look like a young team that will be a contender for years.

In the NFC, the Eagles still look like the top of the conference, followed by the San Francisco 49ers. So it’s possible to see them face off in the NFC Conference Championship game. The Detroit Lions have surprised their fans and the other teams, although they had a setback with a tough loss against the Ravens. Outside of the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks, it’s hard to see any other teams rising from the pack. It looks like we might be headed towards a rematch of last year’s NFC Conference Championship between the 49ers and Eagles.


Teams on the Decline


There are a few teams that have struggled this year. One of the worst teams is the New England Patriots, with Mack Jones as quarterback. The Carolina Panthers, led by No.1 overall pick Bryce Young, admits the team just hasn’t come together. And he is taking responsibility.

The Arizona Cardinals are also terrible, although they’ve gotten better-than-expected play from fill-in quarterback Joshua Dobbs. Beyond that, both the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears have been rough to watch, as have the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans. We shouldn’t expect to hear much from these teams going forward.


Football on Field for Professional Football Championship


2024 NFL Championship Game


As the Big Game approaches, the 2023 NFL schedule is still jam-packed in the final quarter, all leading up to the Big Game. With the NFL Championship Game in Las Vegas for the first time in NFL history, this season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet! Will it be the Chiefs vs the Eagles? Or will we see an unexpected pairing come the end of the season? No matter who plays in the Big Game, you’ll want to be in Las Vegas as the festivities take over the town. If you don’t have tickets to the game, you’ll still find plenty to do in Vegas.

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