Improve Your Strategy to Make Money Sports Betting

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Placing any bet can be risky, especially when it comes to sports betting. You’re betting that something is going to happen, when in reality, you have no idea and no control. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet, it just means there are no guarantees, and that you need to be strategic with your betting.

People will ask, then, can you make money from sports betting? The answer is yes. The key, though, lies in how.

How to make money from sports betting? In this guide, we’ll break down a few simple but essential keys that may help improve your chances to make money sports betting by making a stronger strategy.


Step 1: Do Your Sports Research


The phrase “Any Given Sunday” is all about the fact that anything can happen when two teams step on the field. But if you want to help boost your chances, it helps to know what you’re talking about. Of course, how deep your research gets is up to you. But if you’re researching bets for the NFL, looking at weather trends, the type of defense being played, injury updates, previous performance, and more might not be a bad idea. Don’t necessarily bet on a team you know only one or two players on. Instead, spend your time deep diving into teams you already know, and use your baseline of knowledge to find that hidden edge.


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Step 2: Start Small, Stay Small


You can try your luck on a complicated parlay bet that promises a big payout, but you’re much better served to make targeted, smaller bets. Focus on the odds and the matchup. If you think one team will win, but the odds favor their opponent, listen to the money line. Just because you’ve won a few bets in a row does not mean it’s time to get greedy and bet the house. Some will focus on using high-tech strategies to find the smaller value plays. If you have the technical know-how, by all means, go for it. (This is called a value bet, which happens when the perceived odds are better than what the bookmakers’ odds have the match up at.) But don’t sweat it if you’re not a math whiz. You can use your knowledge from the research phase to find what you think is a good value.

Another key? Don’t keep going just to keep going. Yeah, you may be having a lot of fun. But if you bet on every game on a given night, you’ll miss and hurt your wallet. Keep to what you know; if you feel uncomfortable or unsure, you can’t lose by keeping your cash in your pocket.

Less than 5% of long-running betting accounts are profitable. In other words, you won’t become a sports-betting savant overnight. Very few people ever make an actual living at this. But with some discipline, you can be okay. Know your limits in terms of what you can spend. Don’t go over it or bet at the expense of other bills. Remember, unless betting is your career, a bet should be for fun.


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Step 3: Know What You Don’t Know


Know that you don’t know everything. For example, if you’re unsure about NASCAR, it’s probably not wise to bet the house. Stick to the fundamentals and don’t go out of your depths. Follow that simple formula, and you are more likely to do well than not. Keep it simple until you feel more comfortable, whether because you know more betting tricks or are more familiar with the game or teams. Placing a bet on something you don’t know can more often result in a loss than a win.


How to Bet on Sports in Las Vegas


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