Why Las Vegas in Winter is a Dream Destination

Couple Having fun in Las Vegas in Winter

As weather cools down, Las Vegas becomes a haven for those seeking refuge from the extreme cold in other parts of the world. From mild weather to heated pools, Vegas is one of the best spots to spend the colder months and enjoy winter activities you wouldn’t typically get to enjoy in other parts of the country. Read on to see why you should plan a winter Vegas vacation!


The Crowds

Las Vegas might bring about images of large pool parties and huge crowds that show up in summer. What’s so nice about Vegas in winter is that crowds tend to thin out as people are home for winter and spring and summer breaks that bring in the big parties are months away. This doesn’t mean Vegas is a dead zone, though! You’ll still find streets sprawling with people also enjoying the great weather and all the fun winter activities you might not get to do elsewhere.

This decrease in crowds also means it’s easier to do the things you like – and potentially for cheaper than in other seasons. Large crowds means a surge in pricing to keep up with demand, but smaller crowds can result in lower prices for things like cover fees, hotel rooms, and rideshares. It’ll also be easier for you to do activities during the days and times you want to instead of having to wait in lines. It’s still recommended to check to see if you need to pre-purchase tickets or make reservations beforehand, though.


Snow-Capped Mountains Behind Las Vegas in Winter


The Weather

One of the best reasons to come to Vegas for a winter vacation is the weather. While the rest of the country might be going through cold spells, Las Vegas winter weather stays relatively mild. With an average high of 59° and low of 28° in January and an average high of 66° and low of 33° in February, each month with only about 2 days of rain, your chances of avoiding negative temperatures and snow days are extremely high. With low precipitation days, that means the daytime is still sunny and pleasant.

Since Vegas is used to the summer heat and indoor A/C, you’ll also be able to find refuge for warmth inside the resorts, casinos, shops, restaurants, and bars if it ever does feel too chilly. Many outdoor spaces also have heat lamps for added comfort, so you can get by with packing a few layers for warmer days and colder nights. This is also a great time for outdoor adventures like hiking, since the heat won’t tire you out like it does in the hotter months. Or, you can enjoy the outdoors in another fun way – at a pool in winter.


The Indoor Activities

If you don’t want to be outdoors on the chillier days, there is still plenty to do! Like we said, Vegas is built for avoiding the summer heat, so it’s also ready to warm you up in the winter cold. There are a number of indoor activities for everyone to enjoy. First, check to see what your resort has to offer without even having to step outside. At Circa Las Vegas, you’ll find a 2-floor casino, 3-floor sportsbook, shops with designer items, and art to enjoy as you walk around. Some casinos also have residency shows and spas if you’re into some entertainment or R&R.

Outside of resorts, Vegas has a lot to offer indoors. You can find plenty of shopping options, whether you’re looking for luxury brands or outlet malls. There is also a good amount of spectacular art galleries and museums like the Mob Museum, AREA15, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, and the Bellagio Conservatory. And if you’re a football fan, stay warm inside at the Circa Sports Sportsbook Big Game Bash to watch the biggest game of the season on February 12.


Girls at Stadium Swim Circa Las Vegas Pools in Winter


The Pools

Going to the pool in winter might seem like an impossible feat, even in mild-weathered Las Vegas. But as you know, Vegas is all about going big, and closing pools in winter just doesn’t make sense if we don’t have to! At Stadium Swim®, the only year-round pool amphitheater, the pools are open all year thanks to a heated pool system that keeps you comfortable no matter the temperature outside. All six pools in the space offer great views of the 143-foot screen, or you can enjoy the view from a heated cabana in a plush robe.

From now until the end of February, Winter Swim at Stadium Swim will host the World’s Largest Hot Tub parties all winter long. Brag to your friends back home with an “après-ski” instagrammable moment as you walk in. Then, settle into your heated cabana and take a shotski, or take a dip in one of the heated pools and cozy up with a seasonal drink like a Baileys white Russian, pumpkin spiced mule, spiked hot chocolate, or spiked coffee. You won’t want to miss the Big Game Viewing Party or the $10,000 bikini contest, either.


The Hikes

If you’re outdoorsy or like a little bit of adventure, Las Vegas in winter is a great time to visit. As mentioned above, the weather is perfect for getting outdoors and seeing all the natural wonders near the city. Dry weather means the trails are still safe to hike, and cooler temperatures keep you from overheating while exploring. You’ll still want to pack sunscreen and appropriate sun-protecting clothing, because even though the sun doesn’t feel hot, it’s still shining bright. It’s also recommended to pack layers of clothing, comfortable walking shoes, and plenty of water.

On top of bringing along some water to stay hydrated, also pack some food to give you some fuel. Pick up a sandwich from Saginaw’s Delicatessen and some hot coffee from Jack Pots to keep you full and energized throughout your hike. Once you’re ready, grab your car (or rent one!) and head to your winter hike destination. There is so much to choose from, like the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, and even the Grand Canyon if you want to take a day trip.


The Bars & Restaurants

One of the best ways to stay warm, even in mild Vegas winter weather, is with a great meal and some drinks. Luckily, there are many to choose from in this city as more and more chefs set up their kitchens and bartenders make their craft cocktails. You can easily walk around town and find incredible restaurants and bars throughout Downtown Las Vegas, The Strip, and surrounding neighborhoods. From fried rice to steakhouses and sports bars to rooftop bars, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

To help you decide, there are some favorite spots that will help warm you up in winter. Soup is always a great option, and ramen from 8 East or some matzo ball soup from Saginaw’s Delicatessen are sure to hit the spot. Or, maybe you’re looking for a hearty steak dinner at Barry’s Downtown Prime. Whatever you choose, be sure to finish your meal cozied up by the fire at the Legacy Club rooftop bar fire pits with a warming cocktail in hand.


If you’re in town this winter, you’re in for a treat. Pack your layers, plan out your activities, and get ready to have the time of your life while enjoying these Las Vegas winter vacation ideas. Don’t forget to book your room at Circa Las Vegas to be right near everything you need to enjoy your trip to Vegas in winter and have the time of your life!