Your Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Music Festivals

Happy Friends at Las Vegas Music Festival

With Las Vegas music festival season in full swing and many music festivals coming to town this year, you might be visiting Vegas a lot to catch your favorite acts. Our city has had some of the top talent for years, so it’s only natural that it’s becoming one of the country’s biggest hot spots for music festivals. See which festivals to add to your roster, what to expect, and how to plan with this Las Vegas music festival guide!


List of Music Festivals in Vegas


Before knowing how to prepare for a music festival, knowing which one you’ll attend is important! Over the years, the Las Vegas music festival scene has grown to include a range of styles and genres, making it a great place to visit no matter your music taste. From Reggae to EDM, punk rock to Latin music and more, you can find festivals happening mostly through the spring into fall, taking advantage of that Vegas desert heat! While dates change from year to year, they generally stay within the same season. See when to expect your favorite music festivals in Vegas below:


Spring Music Festivals

Vibra Urbana

Lovers & Friends Fest

EDC Las Vegas

Punk Rock Bowling


Summer Music Festivals

Psycho Las Vegas

Day N Vegas


Life is Beautiful


Fall Music Festivals

iHeartRadio Music Festival

Lost in Dreams

Reggae Rise Up

When We Were Young


Friends Enjoying Time at Music Festival in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Music Festival Guide


Where to Stay

Where you stay can make your Las Vegas music festival weekend a lot more convenient. With so many festivals taking place in or near Downtown Las Vegas, it’s a great idea to book a room in the area. Not only will you be close to the venue for easy access to the event, but you’ll also be right in the heart of DTLV for bars, restaurants, and activities to enjoy while not at the show. Since you will probably be spending more time at the event than in your room, comfort and convenience are key.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself and your festival crew to a weekend of luxury by booking a suite for a true Vegas experience. Book the bunk suite at Circa Las Vegas to have the ideal space for you and seven of your crew. After long days of dancing and walking around the festival grounds, you’ll be happy to come home to a hotel room that has all the perks, from the basics like nice, cold air conditioning to luxury items like premium sheets and bath products that will help you feel fresh after a long day. The view of Las Vegas doesn’t hurt, either.


How to Pack

While Las Vegas has a lot of shopping to help replace anything you might have forgotten, take extra care to pack all your music festival essentials before you leave. This includes your ID, ticket, festival outfits (and maybe some alternative options to choose from), comfortable shoes, reusable water bottles or hydration packs, toiletries, and small bags like a fanny pack or compact backpack. If you plan on bringing small personal care items like hand sanitizer, lip moisturizer or gum, make sure it’s new and sealed as many venues do not allow opened items. Don’t forget to bring some non-festival outfits as well so you can lounge around your room or explore Las Vegas between festival hours!

For those items you may have forgotten at home, Circa Collections offers a number of items – whether you need more sunscreen or a designer piece to finish your festival outfit.


People Putting on Wristbands for Las Vegas Music Festivals


Ways to Get Around

Music festivals always bring in bigger crowds, which means getting where you need to go might prove to be a little more difficult than your typical Las Vegas weekend. Make a plan for how you’ll get to and from the music festival and factor in some wait time while you’re at it. Many of these music festivals are located in central spots and are easily walkable to Downtown Las Vegas or the Strip, which is a huge help in not needing to call an Uber or Lyft. For events located further from the city like EDC Las Vegas, shuttles are typically available to help with venue transportation, but rideshare is often a quicker option for a slightly higher price. If you plan on driving to your venue or around town, don’t forget to book a rental car.


What to Expect

Going to a music festival in Las Vegas is one of the most exciting experiences, but it’s good to also manage your expectations when things aren’t as fun. Music festival season in Las Vegas can make the city a little busier than usual. Long lines, crowds, expensive transportation, and the Las Vegas heat can sometimes make for a stressful time before and after your festival ends. But preparation is key to avoid the bad vibes and focus on the good ones! Just remember to stay positive, stay hydrated, stay cool, and most importantly, stay safe. It’ll all be worth it to catch some of your favorite artists and dance along with your crew once you’re in the venue!


When you’re in town for your next music festival in Las Vegas, be sure to book a room at Circa Las Vegas. Not only will you be able to rest and recover in ultimate comfort, but you’ll also have access to restaurants and bars to replenish your body, an incredible pool to soak in, a casino and sportsbook to fill your time between festival hours, close proximity to Downtown Las Vegas events and attractions, and so much more.