Tips For Planning an Epic Bachelor Party in Vegas

Friends Having a Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Las Vegas is one of the best places for a weekend with the guys, and with wedding season ramping up, it’s probably time for you and your boys to plan an epic bachelor party in Vegas if you have a groom-to-be in the group. From dressing to the nines for high-end bars and restaurants, to letting loose in the desert, there is something for every groom to enjoy in Vegas. Learn about all the tips and activities to have a Las Vegas bachelor party weekend you may or may not forget!


Planning Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party


Book an Incredible Room or Suite

Finding a hotel right in the middle of all the action is key, and finding one with style and comfort is an added bonus. Book a suite for you and the guys to make getting ready and pregaming that much more fun – there’s even a bunk suite so 8 of you can be in one spot with an epic living space. Circa Las Vegas is perfectly located near everything you need, from bars to shows, and offers luxury amenities to make for a memorable stay for your bachelor party.


Plan for the Groom

Planning a bachelor party in Vegas should only be done if it’s something the groom is interested in. There’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, but if your groom-to-be isn’t looking for a big celebration or a destination weekend, Vegas might not be the best for him. Once in Vegas, make sure your Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary is tailored to his preferences so he can have the best time unwinding before the big day.


Set a Budget

Out of courtesy to the rest of the groomsmen, get a general idea of what everyone is able to pay for the bachelor party. Nobody likes getting hit with a bill they can’t afford, and you don’t want to create bad feelings surrounding this weekend. Budgeting will help you get a handle on who can come, how to get there, where to stay, and which activities to do on your trip.


Prepare an Itinerary

When setting a Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary, there are a few things to keep in mind. As mentioned before, take the groom’s preferences and the group’s budgets into consideration. Also consider the time of year and research what will be available once you get to Vegas. If you are planning on going to anything that requires tickets or reservations, plan those first to ensure you and your group get to do everything planned.


Group at Las Vegas Bachelor Party at Stadium Swim®


Vegas Bachelor Party Activities


Have a Pool Day

The pools in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world, and some are open year-round, so it makes sense to put this in your bachelor party itinerary. Since there are so many in the city, there are a number of pool options to choose from – there are pool clubs for when you want to party, spa pools for a moment of relaxation, and even sports-focused pools where you can enjoy a cold beverage while cheering on your favorite team. Pack your bathing suit and sunscreen for an awesome day (or night) by the pool.

At Stadium Swim®, you can book your very own cabana and have an incredible space for your bachelor party to have a pool day. Hang out in any of the 6 pools, and be sure to order some delicious poolside food and drinks. With premium packages that include some of the best champagne for celebrating and food like wagyu hot dog platters and lobster corn dogs, this is an elevated pool menu you won’t want to miss.


Grab a Bite and a Drink

Is your groom-to-be a foodie? Or does he appreciate a carefully-crafted drink? Over the years, Las Vegas has continued to grow to be a hub for amazing restaurants and seemingly endless bars (even some breweries). When planning where to eat and drink, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone to choose from, from frozen yard drinks and late-night bites to cocktails from skilled mixologists and high-end steakhouse meals, you and the guys have a lot to choose from.

For a casual bite, check out Victory Burger and Project BBQ for some of the best burgers, wings, and barbecue in town. If you’re looking to take the guys out to have a celebratory steakhouse dinner, Barry’s Downtown Prime is a great spot for the group to enjoy incredible steaks, seafood, and both classic and craft cocktails. Be sure to make a reservation in advance, especially if you have a large group.

For drinks, whether you’re pregaming dinner or going out for the night, you’ll find plenty to choose from around the city. You’ll have a great time exploring all the options, but there are two bars you need to put on the list. At Overhang Bar, you’ll get one of the best spots by the sportsbook to be by the action. The Legacy Club rooftop bar offers a premium spot for Las Vegas views, craft cocktails, and an impressive whiskey selection.


Interior of Circa Sports Sportsbook in Las Vegas


Hit Up the Sportsbook

Depending on when your bachelor party takes place, your groom’s favorite sport or team might be playing. So why not take him to the biggest sportsbook in the world to place some bets and be part of the action? At the Circa Sports Sportsbook, you and the guys can enjoy 3 floors of sports action with a 78M pixel screen to showcase the live action. There’s nothing like the thrill of putting your bet down and watching your team win, your horse race, or your favorite player score the winning shot – especially when hanging with your crew during a bachelor party!


Get Lucky at a Casino

A guys’ bachelor party in Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without at least one visit to the casino. You can go as a whole group and play some table games together or split off to play some individual games like slots. Either way, imagine how fun it’ll be once you win some extra money to make your bachelor trip even more epic. The free casino drinks and Dancing Dealers at the Circa Casino also add some nice perks to the Las Vegas casino experience. If any of you are high rollers, head to the high limit gaming area – and keep your eye out for the secret bar.


Race Around on the Track

Kick it up another notch and book some time on the racetrack. Get your adrenaline going by racing your crew in an exotic car around the track. If your groom is also a car connoisseur, this is the perfect Las Vegas activity to do with him so he can marvel at the impressive selection of cars. Whether you choose a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, Porsche or a McLaren, or a simple go-kart, this will be one of the most fun bachelor party activities you’ve ever done. 


Go for a Hike

Is your groom-to-be into the great outdoors? The area surrounding Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful places to explore, with the surrounding desert, canyons, lakes, and trails to explore. Whether he’s into hiking, bouldering, kayaking, or swimming, there is an activity available for every adventurous groom. Be sure to pack your outdoorsy gear, pack some food (a sandwich from Saginaw’s Delicatessen is a great option), and put away your phone to have some great moments connecting with nature and your bachelor party group.


Planning a bachelor party in Vegas is one of the most exciting ways to send off your groom-to-be before his big day. There will be memories made for a lifetime, and probably some moments you will forget. Either way, your groom-to-be is sure to have the time of his life. Be sure to book your bachelor room or suite at Circa Resort to start planning an epic trip as you celebrate with a Las Vegas bachelor party!