Is Your Favorite Team Holding You Back in Sports Betting?

Sports Fans Cheering on Favorite Team

Having team spirit is essential when it comes to enjoying sports, but is it holding you back when placing your bets? Betting on your favorite teams and players can be fun, especially when you really have that team spirit. But when it comes to placing bets, there’s a chance your favorites are letting you down.

So ask yourself this key question before reading on, and answer honestly: Are you betting on teams and players that don’t have what it takes to win?

Betting on teams against the spread is one thing, but continually betting on poor performers is another. No matter how much love you have for your team, it’s important to separate emotion from sports betting strategy. There’s no issue with wearing your favorite jersey and cheering for your favorite players and teams. However, there can be an issue with that love interfering with your sports betting technique. See how to manage your love for your team while also making the most strategic bets in the sportsbook.


Nervous Sports Fans Watching Favorite Team Play


Are Your Favorites the Best Teams to Bet On?


It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s time to address this question – Are your favorite teams really the best option? If any of the below scenarios sound like you, they might be signs that point to needing to change your sports betting strategy so you can find the best teams to bet on.


You Bet with (Just) Your Heart

Chances are, your favorite teams and players don’t know who you’re betting on. While it’s nice to think about their feelings, we promise that betting on another team won’t hurt their feelings. Let go of that guilt, and place your bets on a better-performing option – you can still always put a small bet on your favorites if you really want to, but don’t make that your main bet. You can still be their number 1 fan and cheer on their game, but your money will just be doing something else as it cheers on for your wallet to win, too.


You “Don’t Need” Research

Even if your favorite team is performing well and you feel confident about their performance, you should still be putting effort into statistics and predictions. If you’re under the impression that your team can do no wrong, you’ll be sorely disappointed like many have been with some of the biggest sports upsets in history. Look up statistics, pay attention to what the sharps are saying, follow trends (but with a cautious eye), keep track of external conditions, and think outside of the “favorite team” box. Even a little bit of research can go a long way.


You Aren’t Serious About Your Bets

This one is fine if you’re fine with any result and are betting very casually, but this is also a huge thing that could be holding you back if you do hope to actually win some money. If you’re simply settled on your team and avoid doing any research to see what benefits other teams and players may offer you, then you aren’t challenging yourself enough to learn more and maximize your chances of winning. Take a break from your favorite team to explore some new teams, research new strategies, and get serious about making your bets matter.


Friends Upset About Favorite Team Losing Game


You Always Justify the “Underdog”

Betting the underdog can be a great approach with the proper sports betting strategy and a bit of luck, but calling your favorite team that constantly loses the “underdog” is pushing it. If you’re seeing the trend that your favorite team or player is on a losing streak, it’s time to change your strategy. And if they truly are an underdog story, it’s time to really dedicate some time to that research we were just talking about. Be prepared that underdog bets are riskier, but if you’re doing it right (and if your team is), you might just get a great payout.


You Don’t Take the Emotional Hedge

Some fans aren’t able to bet on their own team and keep their bets rational. If this sounds like you, a potential play if you want to make some money on your favorite team is the “emotional hedge”. Instead of betting on your team, you bet against them! If your team wins, you get the win! And if they lose, at least you’ve won a bet to help make you feel a little bit better about the loss. Find new ways to channel that emotion into placing strategic bets that allow you to enjoy the game no matter the outcome.


How to Bet on Sports in Las Vegas


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