Champions League Final Predictions & Soccer Betting Tips

Teams Playing in Soccer Championship Final Game

The Champions League final location is at Stade de France in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris. It takes place on May 28th. It was initially supposed to be held at Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the location was changed. The runner-ups started with the quarterfinals in the first two weeks of April, while the semifinal finished up on May 4th. That gives the two finalists over three weeks to prepare for soccer’s biggest stage. Continue reading for our Champions League Final predictions on this incredibly exciting event, along with some soccer betting tips.


Champions League Final Teams



After finishing third in the Premier League in 2020 and 2021, Liverpool finds itself in the semis of this grand tournament. They are paced by one of the best players in the world, the Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah. The 29-year-old superstar had 22 goals, leading the team. He also had 12 assists. There’s also the one-two punch of Diogo Jota, the Portuguese striker with 15 goals, as well as Senegalese winger Sadio Mané, who tallied 14. Be on the lookout for Trent Alexander-Arnold, the 23-year-old defensive midfielder from England who had 12 assists from the back end. In net is Brazilian veteran Alisson Becker, who shined in 30 matches, allowing just 20 goals. This superstar-laden team will need to rely on its stars if they want to bring home the title.


Real Madrid

The venerable Spanish club’s offense is led by the veteran French striker Karim Benzema. The 34-year-old had a ridiculous 39 goals this season. Behind him is Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior, who had 17 goals and 14 assists. That being said, the team is a bit top-heavy. Other than Marco Asensio, the Spanish forward and midfielder who had 11 tallies, no other player had more than four goals. This may mean that Liverpool will focus all its attention on that Real Madrid trio. They are strong in net, however, with Belgian veteran goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois playing in 33 matches and allowing just 29 goals. They will need him to be stout, as their one-man offense may not be enough in a tight game.


Player in Soccer Championship Final Game


Soccer Betting Tips


Basic Bets

The main type of bet in soccer is to choose the moneyline. You can bet on either a two-way or three-way moneyline. In a two-way moneyline, you pick a specific team to win. Then, if the team you choose wins the match, you’ll win the bet. A three-way moneyline is similar to the two-way method, but it introduces the idea of a draw. In addition to picking a team to win, you can also bet on whether or not the game will end in a tie.


Advanced Bets

If you want to get a little deeper into the action with your soccer sports betting, you might try a goal-line spread. This is when you’ll bet on what you think the difference of the final score of the game will be. It’s similar to how a point-spread wager in football or a puck line in hockey works. For each game, the oddsmakers will choose an over/under number for what the goal differential will be. Then, all you have to do is decide whether or not the total score spread will be greater or lower than that amount.


Betting on Totals

You can also bet on what the total score will be in a soccer match. Because the score in soccer games is usually on the lower side, oddsmakers often use multiples of .25 when crafting odds. What this means is that your bet will be split between two numbers. Things are simpler if the over/under is a half number. In that instance, you won’t have two bets going on, so all you need to worry about is whether or not the score is above or below your pick.


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How to Bet on Champions League Soccer in Las Vegas


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