2021 Circa Sports Million & Circa Survivor Football Contest Recap

2021 Circa Survivor Pro Football Contest Winners

The 2021 Circa Sports Million III and Circa Survivor pro football contests were quite the ride. Between the two contests, a total of 8,167 entrants vied for a total prize pool of $6,007,000. After an exciting NFL season, the 21 large checks that are being given out are well deserved. Circa Sports awarded $11M to the winners of its record-setting Circa Survivor and Circa Sports Million III pro football contests, which concluded on January 9.

Every year just seems to get better and better! Marking the largest legal football survivor contest in the world, Circa Survivor awarded five winners a collective $7 million payout. And back for its third year, Circa Sports Million III delivered $4 million in prizes over the course of the season, with the final winner claiming $1 million.  

At a special presentation and cocktail reception at the D Las Vegas on January 14, the contest winners were presented with checks from CEO Derek Stevens and the Circa | Sports team. Watch the exciting moment below!



2021 Circa Sports Million III Winners


During Circa Sports Million III, each player made five professional football picks against the spread each week. One point was awarded for each correct selection and one-half point for each push. A collective $4 million in payouts were awarded, including a $100,000 booby prize for last place in the full season. 


Full Season Winners

With 4,087 participants, the competition was thick and the prize pool was high. Every week of the contest, each team had the opportunity to pick 5 NFL sides against the spread. After 18 weeks of the NFL regular season, team DURBIFY took home the $1 million grand prize after 85 picks and a record of 63-27. See below for Circa Sports Million III Full Season winners and their performance:

Circa Sports Million III Pro Football Contest WinnersView Complete Full Season Standings


Quarter MVP Winners

In addition to the fourteen cash prizes awarded at the end of the season, $250,000 in cash prizes were awarded approximately every 4-5 weeks (weeks 1-4, 5-9, 10-13, and 14-18) for the top score within each “Quarter” of the regular season: $150K 1st Prize, $50K 2nd, $25K 3rd, and a $25k quarterly booby prize. The 2021 Circa Sports Million III Quarter MVP winners are below:


Quarter 1

  • 1st Tie: ALMOST COVERED – $49,350.00
  • 1st Tie: DEADMONEYMEDIA.COM – $49,350.00
  • 1st Tie: ​​818Madden20Survivors – $49,350.00
  • 1st Tie: STONEY – $49,350.00
  • 1st Tie: Mr. Wiggles – $49,350.00
  • Booby Tie: PETER PIPERS PICKS – $12,500.00
  • Booby Tie: SAUSAGEFEST – $12,500.00


Quarter 2

  • 1st: Rolfsbudo7 – $171,750.00
  • 2nd: KWPISG – $50,000.00
  • 3rd: BuckeyeSportsGroup – $25,000.00
  • Booby: KING DUBB – $25,000.00


Quarter 3

  • 1st: BIZMAN – $171,750.00
  • 2nd Tie: 7 HILLS FOOTBALL – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: FEZZIK – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: Iron Mountain – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: JOHNNYBRAVO – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: NEVER EA$Y – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: PIGSKIN LOVER – $10,714.29
  • 2nd Tie: Sweet Picks Bro – $10,714.29
  • Booby: TRADING LACES – $25,000.00


Quarter 4

  • 1st: ALMA – $171,750.00
  • 2nd Tie: DMBFAN41CN – $15,000.00
  • 2nd Tie: R&M INC – $15,000.00
  • 2nd Tie: KatyBarTheDoor – $15,000.00
  • 2nd Tie: KKITC – $15,000.00
  • 2nd Tie: ONE MAIN. – $15,000.00
  • Booby: TARKUS – $25,000.00


2021 Circa Survivor Pro Football Contest Winner


2021 Circa Survivor Winners


In 2021, 4,080 participants took on Circa Survivor – and 5 won with an incredible tie. The winners of Circa Survivor each lasted 20 legs of the football season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas day. This entailed choosing one different team to win straight up each week, but the player could not pick the same team twice for the duration of the season. The five winners ended up going 20-0-0, which was a two-game increase from last year’s contest. The five winners of 2021 Circa Survivor and their winnings include:

  • MYCOOL – $1,533,333.35
  • RETURN OF SURVIVOR – $1,533,333.35
  • On Top 247 – $1,533,333.35
  • SYRACUSE HAWKEYES – $1,200,000.00
  • CHRIS PIPER – $1,200,000.00 

View Complete Full Season Standings


Circa | Sports Pro Football Contests


“Our team at Circa Sports introduced some of the biggest football contests in the world within three years of operation, and the payouts were extraordinary,” said Derek Stevens. “We were thrilled to award six individuals with seven-figure prizes, and even got to celebrate with a few of them during game 20 in the world’s largest sportsbook at Circa Resort & Casino. It was a tremendous year for football, and we are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for next season’s contests.” 

Every year, the Circa Sports pro football contests continue to be the most exciting weeks for sports betting enthusiasts. Congratulations again to all the winners and participants, we couldn’t do it without you! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and events at Circa | Sports, and keep your eye out for details for the 2022-2023 pro football contests that will be announced this summer.

In the meantime, place your other sports bets at Circa Las Vegas, the D, or one of the other Circa Sports locations in Las Vegas. Can’t make it in? Download the app on iOS/Android to place your bets in Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa.