Which Sports Bettor Are You? [Sports Betting Quiz]

Sports Bettor Derek Stevens CEO of Circa | SportsSource: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Everyone has their own sports betting personality, what’s yours? Different levels, from novice to sharp, and different styles, from recreational bettor to the money bags bettor, all play into the type of bettor you are and how you approach the craft. Curious about which type of sports bettor you are? Take the quiz below to find out, then head to Circa | Sports to put your sports betting to the test! And once you’re done, read up about the other types of sports betting you might encounter when placing your own wagers.


Sports Betting Quiz



All Results: Types of Sports Bettors


The Fan

You are this type of sports bettor if you only wager on sports because you’re simply a fan of an athlete or a team. You don’t mind winning or losing because betting on your favorite team or athlete is your way of showing your support and loyalty no matter the outcome. It’s your way of telling everybody that you are willing to spend money on your favorite teams through betting, and you are indeed the biggest fan.


The Casual Bettor

As a casual or recreational bettor, you wager for fun. While you enjoy sports betting, you don’t get caught up in the craft. You only do this to have more fun and feel more excitement while watching a game of football or basketball. Or maybe you just want to go to the casino and enjoy a sportsbook experience. You don’t mind whether you win or lose. Winning would feel nice, but this is just for the fun of it.


The Sharp

Being a professional sports bettor is living the dream, and here you are – a sharp. This means that you are making a living out of sports betting. You get to pay for your house, your car, food, utilities, and other basic needs through sports betting. Basically, sports betting is your business and you are very strategic with your bets. Your goal is to make profits and this is why you take sports betting very seriously.


The Researcher

​​As the researcher, you are usually the most well-read gambler in the group. You spend your free time researching lines and waiting for injury reports to come out. Instead of listening to true crime podcasts, you have the top sports betting podcasts on repeat. Whatever you can do to research games, teams, and lines, you’re on it to make sure you’re making the most informed decisions when placing your bets.


The High Roller

You have money, and you aren’t afraid to use it. You place wagers that many can’t afford, placing thousands on your wagers on games you feel like betting on – just because you can and because it excites you. You don’t mind whether you win or lose because even if you lose, you still have a lot of money. Sports betting with high stakes makes it that much more thrilling, and putting a lot of money on the line can end up winning you a lot more.


The Semi-Pro

When it comes to sports betting, you aren’t quite a sharp, but you’re pretty darn close. You have done your research and have spent enough time in the craft that you know how to make the right choices and place wagers strategically. Sports betting might not be your whole life, but you thoroughly enjoy the hobby and dedicate a good amount of time to it. The extra cash it makes you on the side doesn’t hurt, either.


The Novice

You’re new to the sports betting scene, and that’s totally great! It might seem like an intimidating world, but once you place a few more bets and get some more experience, you’ll get the hang of it. You might be taking it slow with some of the lower-risk betting strategies, but that isn’t stopping you from researching techniques so you can continue to perfect the craft down the line.


How to Bet on Sports in Vegas


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