The Best Upcoming Major Sporting Events in 2023

Jockey Riding Racehorse In 2023 Derby

Sports fans rejoice! 2023 is underway with an exciting sports year already, and there are still plenty of sporting events across the world to look forward to. From Derby Day at Churchill Downs to Formula 1 taking over Las Vegas, international golf tournaments, grand slams, a fierce ice hockey match up, and two-wheeling through France while also making a pit stop in Indianapolis; no matter what your sporting interests are there is something sure to be thrilling to watch during this year. See which major sporting events in 2023 to look forward to so you can mark your calendars and start preparing your betting strategy!


2023 Kentucky Derby | May


The 2023 Kentucky Derby will be a thrilling ride for horse racing fans and novices alike. This is one of the most significant and exciting events in the horse racing industry, with tradition and friendly competition all rolled into one. As the world gears up for this landmark event on May 6, spectators will have their eyes peeled for jockeys vying to take home the victor’s garland of roses that adorn the winners each year. Whether you’re an avid fan of horse racing or just looking to catch a glimpse of the excitement at Churchill Downs, you won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind sporting spectacle. And don’t forget to celebrate Derby Day at Legacy Club with a mint julep!


US Open Championship 2023 | May


Get ready for the spectacle that is the 2023 US Open Championship! This PGA tournament currently stands as one of the most prestigious, hard-fought, and entertaining competitions in the world of golf. From its inception in 1895, this tournament has been a favored event for decades. Each year, fans from near and far flock to see who will be crowned winner after a 72-hole stroke play this summer in Los Angeles. With the adrenaline rush created by watching today’s great talent compete for a shot at glory, it’s no wonder that spectators come back time and time again to watch the best and brightest try their luck at becoming a champion golfer.


Fans Cheering on Race Car Drivers on Motor Speedway


2023 Indy 500 | May


Let’s get ready to rev up in the Racing Capital Of The World with the 2023 Indianapolis 500! Everything is bigger, faster, and better on this formidable day of racing – which is what makes it so thrilling. Race car drivers know what’s at stake and will be prepared to deliver an electrifying performance as they push themselves to the limit in pursuit of achieving that coveted win – and traditional chug of milk. The challenge and anticipation combine to make this one of the premier events in all major sporting events. It’s no surprise why fans always come back year after year – you can’t beat needing to feed your need for speed!


ATP Grand Slams 2023 | May – August


Looking forward to 2023, there are three remaining ATP Grand Slam events to look forward to after an exciting Australian Open in January. As some of the most important competitive tennis matches in the world, these grand slams will showcase the best players from all over the globe competing for glory. We can expect some thrilling matches and top-level plays at these tournaments – the French Open starting in May, Wimbledon in July, and the US Open starting in August. 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for tennis fans as we anticipate who will take home the victory this time around at any of the ATP Grand Slams.


2023 Stanley Cup | June


The 2023 Stanley Cup is expected to be one of the most hotly contested hockey titles yet. Not only is hockey’s most sought after trophy on the line, but also its immense prestige and honor symbolizing excellence in the sport. The Stanley Cup finals will be a nail-biting affair with many exciting teams already looking to dethrone the reigning champs, the Colorado Avalanche. This year has been a great year for the Vegas Golden Knights as they continue to pave their way during the playoffs, which will make this upcoming sports event even more exciting right here in Vegas! Keep your eye out for how it’ll all unfold in the coming months after an exciting NHL season.


Competitors Racing in Cycling Tournament in 2023


Tour de France 2023 | July


The 2023 Tour de France is sure to be an epic journey through some of France’s most beautiful and historic cities, starting in Bilbao and triumphantly ending in Champs-Élysées, Paris. The entire bike race stretches across the full country, and spectators can look forward to witnessing the progress of today’s top talents as they traverse the 2,000-mile course throughout the month of July. Every year for more than a century, cyclists have poured their hearts and souls into this event – so mark your calendars now to witness what could end up being one of the greatest races in Tour de France history!


2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix | November


Get ready for an adrenaline rush in 2023 at the first-ever Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix! As part of the majors sporting events for 2023, this is not just any race – it’s high speed action in the busiest streets of Las Vegas. For car racing fans who can’t wait to watch their favorite Formula 1 drivers, there’s no better view than right on The Strip. With the backdrop of Las Vegas, it’s sure to be a memorable race with plenty of surprises. From the engine roars to screeching wheels and heart-pounding excitement as they navigate tight turns on each lap, make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to witness some truly spectacular racing at this inaugural event.


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