4 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in Vegas

Friends Enjoying Las Vegas Thanksgiving Meal at Restaurant

Spending the holidays away from home can be a great escape from the somewhat hectic nature of the holidays. If you’re looking for the ultimate Thanksgiving destination, Las Vegas has everything you need to have a holiday that is delicious, fun, and relaxing. Read on for four reasons why you should spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas for a holiday that will make memories that last you a lifetime.


The Food


Of course, the number one reason to spend Thanksgiving anywhere is the food. Having a large, home-cooked family meal might be the traditional way to approach the holiday, but a Las Vegas Thanksgiving lets you have some more fun with it. There are restaurants offering full Thanksgiving meals with your classics like turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie that will rival your mom’s cooking – but without any of the effort. Or, you can try something out of the box like going to an Asian restaurant or even enjoying a gourmet deli sandwich. There are no food rules in Vegas! Turkey isn’t necessary for a meal of gratitude and being with loved ones!

If you want a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a touch of elegance, make a reservation at Barry’s Downtown Prime. Butternut squash soup, an organic turkey dinner, roasted prime rib, traditional stuffing, and green bean casserole are all on the menu to bring you a hearty Thanksgiving meal – especially when paired with some delicious wine from the extensive wine list.

Some people end their meals with a slice of pie, but we’re big supporters of the liquid form of dessert. Once you’re done with your Las Vegas Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to grab a drink to round out the night. Legacy Club’s rooftop bar offers beautiful views of the city, which we’re very grateful for! You might be full from your meal, but trust us, a drink with this view while cozied up around the fire pit will be worth it.


Couple Enjoying Las Vegas Fall Trees at Mt. Charleston


The Activities


When spending Thanksgiving at home, the main activities typically tend to be 1) seeing family, 2) cooking, and 3) eating. Sprinkle in some football and parade watching, and you basically have the whole holiday covered. In Las Vegas, it’s a bit different. From shows to casinos, the amount of activities to do in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving is nearly endless. Watch Thanksgiving football at the Circa | Sports sportsbook or Stadium Swim, make friends on Fremont Street while catching some free entertainment, or dance off some turkey at a club.

If you’re more the natural type, Nevada has a lot to offer. Enjoy the crisp air while going on a hike in Red Rock Canyon or while kayaking around Lake Mead. And just because we’re in the desert doesn’t mean we don’t have some beautiful fall foliage. Make a little day trip to Mt. Charleston to see some beautiful fall colors and explore the trails. Pack some appropriate clothes for these activities as they can sometimes get a bit chilly.

Black Friday shopping is another important Las Vegas Thanksgiving activity. Once your food has digested and you’re well-rested from all the excitement, Vegas offers several places to score some Black Friday shopping deals. From premium shops to outlet malls, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone on your list – including yourself. Make sure you leave extra room in your suitcase!


Couple Enjoying Mild Las Vegas Fall Weather


The Weather


While many places are starting to feel the cold fronts move in, the cool weather in Vegas is mild compared to the majority of the country. With an average high of 70° and low of 35° in November, Thanksgiving in Vegas is mild and welcome fall weather. Lower temperatures make it easier to explore the city and the surrounding areas without having to seek protection from the hot Vegas summer heat.

Trade in your snow boots and heavy coats for some lighter jackets and, yes, even your swimsuits. At Stadium Swim, our pools are heated year-round, meaning Las Vegas pool parties don’t have to stop in the fall or winter when temperatures start to drop. If you’ve ever dreamed about watching Thanksgiving football while lounging in the pool, Stadium Swim can turn those dreams into reality.


The Rest and Relaxation


Let’s face it, the holidays are a joyous time of year, but they can also be the most stressful. Trying to align schedules for holiday dinners, prepping giant meals, recovering from said meals while getting ready for another event – it can all be a lot! When you travel for the holidays, you’re giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays at home. Less pressure on you means more of an opportunity to rest, relax, and actually enjoy Thanksgiving. If you’re traveling with a partner or a small group, this also allows you to have more quality time together where nobody is caught up in Thanksgiving planning.


The goal of your Las Vegas Thanksgiving trip should be to enjoy yourself. Simply eat a delicious meal that a chef has cooked for you, have a holiday drink a bartender has carefully crafted, catch some Thanksgiving football by lounging by the pool, and enjoy any activities that interest you during our beautiful fall weather. To elevate your Thanksgiving experience even further, be sure to book a room at Circa Las Vegas where you’ll be able to sleep off that food coma is both style and comfort.