Healthy Travel Tips for a Safe & Fun Trip to Vegas

Suitcase with Hand Sanitizer to Stay Healthy while Traveling

As travel increasingly returns to the city, there are a number of things put into place to ensure you have a safe and fun trip to Las Vegas. From reservations to fancy new air filtration systems, Vegas is definitely stepping up its game to ensure it’s easy to have a fun time while having a healthy time. Use these safe travel tips to stay healthy and see what measures Circa is taking to help make it the time of your life!


Healthy & Safe Travel Tips for Returning to Vegas


Do Your Research

With everything still a bit in the air, it’s safe to assume that the things you’re wanting to do will have some COVID safety precautions put in place. While a lot of things are opening back up, some things may still be closed or be offering limited activities. From capacity limits to reduced hours, make sure you research ahead of time to see what to expect for each thing on your Vegas list. Be prepared to make reservations – some places now require reservations, but if they don’t, it’s still wise to reserve your spot to make sure it doesn’t book up or sell out before you plan on going.


Pack Accordingly

Having the right things in your bag can really help you accomplish healthy travel while you’re visiting Vegas! Of course, there are the regular health-related items that you should plan to pack such as medications, sunscreen, and maybe even some painkillers. In addition to your regular toiletries, be sure to pack your mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Your mask will be required everywhere you go, hand sanitizer is great before meals or after the casino, and disinfectant wipes are nice to have on hand in high-traffic areas like airports or rideshares.


Rent a Car

Speaking of ridesharing, while services like taxis and rideshares are extremely convenient for getting around town, you should also consider renting a car in Vegas. A rental car gives you your own space when driving, so you don’t have to wait in queues for a ride or sit in a car someone else has recently been in. Of course, we love rideshares and think they’re great (no drinking and driving!), but if you want a more private driving option, a rental car may be the way to go. Whether you choose to rideshare from Garage Mahal or rent a car from Hertz at Circa, you’re always in great hands.


Stadium Swim Pool Amphitheater at Circa Las Vegas


A Healthy & Safe Circa Las Vegas Return


At Circa, we set our health and safety features at a high bar. On top of following general COVID protocols such as social distancing, reduced capacity, and sanitation, Circa Las Vegas also features top-of-the-line filtration technology for our resort and pools. With the most advanced water filtration system at our Circa Stadium Swim® pool amphitheater and an impressive HVAC system to keep the air fresh and clean throughout the resort’s interior, you can be sure that your return to Vegas will not only be fun, it will also be healthy travel.


Advanced Pool Filtration System

With eight separate bodies of water (six pools and two spas), there is a lot of room to spread out at Stadium Swim. On top of that, our Las Vegas pools are some of the cleanest in the city – each pool and spa is fully recirculated 4 to 6 times faster than required by code. Our filtration system is also one of the best out there. All filters are filled with an activated media instead of sand. This specialty, 100% bio-resistant, and self-sterilizing glass material has a much greater cleaning surface area and is 2 times more effective than sand, resulting in clearer, healthier water. 

All eight water bodies have Ultraviolet Light (UVL) sanitizers – which comes with the strongest recommendation from health departments. UVL technology helps destroy pathogens, bacteria, viruses, organic, and inorganic contaminants and also greatly reduces chlorine use. Real-time, highly sophisticated chemical monitoring controllers are used to continuously analyze the composition of all pool and spa water, second by second. Automated chlorine and chemical dispensing systems instantaneously adjust water chemistry throughout the day.

This is all to say, no matter where you are in Stadium Swim’s massive pool deck, you know you’re safe. While you focus on lounging by the pool or cheering on your team from the water, we’ll continue to focus on providing you a safe and healthy experience as you return back to Las Vegas pool season!


High Limit Slots Section in Circa Las Vegas Casino


State-of-the-Art Air Filtration System

Every 2.9 minutes, the first level of the Circa Casino experiences a complete air change. On the second level, new air is circulated every 3.5 minutes, and Circa Sportsbook gets new, fresh air every 2.3 minutes. This is because we use a linear flow air filtration system, meaning the air moves from the floor to the ceiling. Circa’s system is designed to pull 100% of its air from outside of the building. There are over 1,000 vents in the floor, each supplying fresh and conditioned air. The high quantity gives exceptional coverage across both floors of the casino and pushes air up and out of the building.

Inside the resort, we focus on complete air changeovers instead of recirculating air already within the casino. When air is recirculated, it dilutes the fresh air with the old. Circa’s air filtration system completely refreshes the air in the building throughout the day. Think of it a bit like chocolate milk: Recirculated air is a bit like adding clear water to a glass of chocolate milk. It will dilute the milk, but will still be murky. If instead you do a complete changeover, you totally pour out the chocolate milk and fill the glass with clear water – leaving you with a clean glass. That’s how our air is. No murkiness, just fresh, filtered air.


When you return to Vegas, know you are in good hands. The entire city is prepared for an exciting year ahead while keeping your health and safety in mind. Use these healthy travel tips to feel more at ease during your trip, and book a room at Circa Las Vegas where state-of-the-art technology and good vibes come together to ensure you have the time of your life!