Why Circa | Sports vs Other Sports Betting Options

Circa | Sports Las Vegas Sportsbook

Why is Circa | Sports the best sportsbook around? From the people who put their passion into building the sportsbook to the bettors who make us who we are, there are quite a few reasons why Circa | Sports should be on your sports betting radar. We share our insights on why Circa is the best place for sports betting needs, whether it’s on the app or in-person in Las Vegas at one of our sportsbooks.


The Novelty


Not that we think sports betting should be reduced to being a novelty, but we’re certainly proud of the experience we’ve built for our bettors. At Circa Las Vegas, we have the largest sportsbook in the world. Three floors of sports betting that you can’t get anywhere else, which includes a 78M pixel screen to watch every major game, 1000-person viewing capacity, and Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN) broadcasting daily from our on-site studio. On top of that, you can head to Circa Stadium Swim® to elevate your sports viewing to a new level and bet on Circa | Sports kiosks by the pool.


The Energy


Did we mention that Circa | Sports in Circa Las Vegas is the largest sportsbook in the world? Yes? That alone should speak to the energy and passion that the Circa team puts into sports betting. And it doesn’t just stop with the passion from the team, our sportsbooks bring in sports bettors who are dedicated to the craft and excited to win big. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of sports betting, Circa | Sports is the perfect environment to bet on your favorite teams and be surrounded by those who share the same energy.


Circa | Sports Owner Derek Stevens at Circa Sportsbook


The People


Circa | Sports was founded by people who had a dream and made it come true. After decades of marveling at the Las Vegas sportsbook scene, owner Derek Stevens knew exactly what he wanted to bring to the table, saying, “I’ve been coming to Las Vegas for a long time and I’ve watched football and other sports in almost every sportsbook in Vegas and I guess this is just an accumulation of different thoughts and ideas from over the decades. What we did is create the world’s largest sportsbook. We really tried to focus on giving people the best sports watching experience that they could ever dream of.”

And the passion doesn’t stop there. Stevens can often be found on the floor amongst other bettors, making everyone feel at home and part of the Circa | Sports family. On top of that, the team at Circa is made up of sports betting professionals who are serious about sports betting. With experts on hand who are knowledgeable, passionate, and personable, you really can’t go wrong.


The Lines and Limits


Las Vegas has long been a respected name in establishing lines, and Circa | Sports has carried on the tradition. While setting lines isn’t necessarily a marker for a great sportsbook, we do believe that the intention behind it matters a lot when it comes to your sports bets. Circa is often first to post lines, but on top of that, we believe in the principles of accepting the largest limits and not banning or limiting players based on skill. Sports betting here is based on respect between the bettor and the sportsbook. We understand that it’s not just us oddsmakers who set the line, it’s the bettors.


Circa | Sports Sportsbook at Golden Gate Las Vegas


The Sportsbook Locations


As our sports betting family grows, we are excited to continually grow our sportsbook locations to make betting more accessible for everyone. Though our sportsbook at Circa Resort is our largest, that doesn’t mean it’s the only place to place your bets over the counter. On top of the 3-story experience at Circa Las Vegas, you can enjoy Circa | Sports betting in three more sportsbook locations in Las Vegas at the D, Golden Gate, and Tuscany Suites. And, as noted earlier, you can even place your bets poolside at Stadium Swim! No matter where you bet, you’re sure to have a great time.


The Sports Betting App


When choosing between going to the sportsbook vs using a sports betting app, we at Circa Sports have made the decision a bit easier by creating a great app experience. If you can’t make it to the sportsbook or simply like having your bets available at your fingertips at all times, the Circa Sports app was designed for all users to enjoy. If you are in Colorado or Nevada, you can place your bets whenever you want, making sports betting even more accessible. It’s like having your bookie right in your pocket!

Whether you choose to bet in the sportsbook or on the app, Circa Sports aims to provide the best possible sports betting experience. We have a passion for sports betting and are excited to share it with you! Join the Circa Sports family to be a part of sports betting the way it should be.