Chris Ihle Art Gallery

Taking objects that we’re all familiar with, Chris builds works of art that are both remarkably huge and ridiculously fun. And, it’s this combination of both talent and whimsy that makes all of Chris’ creations something to see — and definitely something worthy of a selfie (hard to resist when you’re standing next to a six-foot brick sculpture of your favorite hockey player).

In other words, Chris Ihle Art Gallery awakens the child in us all. In a good way, of course. Because when you step into Chris’ workspace, you will immediately feel the sense of imagination that too many of us lose as we grow older and get caught up in the day-to-day routine of our busy lives, the very lives that individuals come to Las Vegas to escape. As for the residents who call Las Vegas home, the gallery serves a place to commemorate the characters who make this city so great: the athletes, celebrities, and over-the-top personalities that Chris quite literally “embodies” by carefully putting each and every brick in place. Turning businessmen into blockheads, starlets into sculptures, and visitors into fans, Chris Ihle Art Gallery is unlike anything else in Las Vegas.

Ask Me About My Bricks

Whether you’re visiting from out of state or a local just getting out of the house, Chris is ready
to show you how he, a former business banker, became a master character creator.

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